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Tuesday 7. June 2021 // 09:53 a.m.

Electronics manufacturing is an art in itself

After presenting our new building to you in June 2020, we would now like to show you that our new company building has become a place where art and electronics manufacturing merge.

The artworks can be found in the various areas of our building, from the corridors to the offices. This extraordinary combination of art and electronics creates an inspiring atmosphere and encourages the creativity of our employees.

We cordially invite you to visit our new company building and experience the combination of art and electronics at first hand. Contact us to make an appointment or to receive further information.

Your Olaf Segler / Managing Director

#setec location from the air – 06.2021

Wednesday 12. April 2021 // 3:51 pm

New SMT line for small to medium quantities

We are pleased to announce that SE-TEC GmbH has expanded its production capacities with a state-of-the-art SMT production line. With the purchase of two Mycronic MY300 pick-and-place machines, a fully automatic Juki G-Titan stencil printer and the necessary handling systems, we are expanding our options, in addition to prototypes and series production, to include efficient inline production of small and medium-sized quantities (50 – 500 boards per lot).

The new SMT production line offers our customers numerous advantages. Short set-up times for the systems give us the opportunity to react flexibly to changing requirements and to minimize throughput times. The compatibility of the feeders and programs with our prototype island MY100 facilitates the uncomplicated and risk-minimized ramping up of products from the prototype phase to series production.

The MY300 placement machines are characterized by high precision and a large number of component types that can be placed, which enables reliable and efficient production of complex products.

Please visit us to see our new SMT production line in action and to learn more about the advantages and possibilities for your company. Contact us to arrange a personal appointment or to get more information. We would be happy to convince you that we are your partner for all quantities.

Your Sebastian Schollmeyer / Operations Manager

# Mycronic MY300 pick-and-place machine // 04.2021

# Mycronic MY300 pick-and-place machine – 04.2021